SEO & The Train Station Overview

Traffic = leads = sales. We must answer the question ‘how can we generate traffic? how can we get more leads? how can we spark interest and raise awareness in our company?’

The biggest hurdlethe train station faces right now is a lack of interest/awareness/traffic.The two best ways of generating traffic are SEO and SMM.

Here is the CASE four step process to generating traffic:

  1. Content
  2. Advertise
  3. Specialise
  4. Engage

Content: Create compelling content. A video, an infograph, even an advertisement counts as content. The most compelling content will engage a readers’ interest, identify and solve a problem and leave the reader wanting to know more.

Advertise: Post the content across all social media. Use paid marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Notify your current client base through your email list.

Specialise: Ensure the content is specialised. Know what your content is trying to do and ensure it achieves these objectives. With the Train Station, it is better to write two separate posts, one attracting potential clients, another attracting potential personal trainers, than to write one long post, or two unspecialised posts.

Engage: Leave the readers wanting more, or engage the readers to sign up for your site or buy your product.

Next post, we will examine a case study for The Train Station.



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