SEO at The Train Station CASE Study

Continuing on from the previous post, how could we encourage more users to join Train Station? It’s one of the biggest problems plaguing small business – lead generation. To drive traffic to the site, all we really require is to frequently publish compelling content. Let’s use CASE to examine a blog post entitled ‘Want to get your body summer ready? Here’s 5 ways to lose the last few kg’s’ to see how we can get more visitors to our site.

  1. Content: we have our content, a beautifully written, informative blog post that explains how to look sexy at the beach. It has a snappy headline, following the question – statement – list formula. The opening paragraph will be keyword heavy rephrasing the purpose of the article. Something along the lines of ‘Losing weight and getting your bikini body ready for summer can be hard work. Especially getting rid of those extra few lbs around the tummy/waist area. Fortunately, there are easy
  2. Advertise: Advertise on using Facebook and Instagram, the two biggest social media drivers of internet traffic. Send out emails to the current client list as well as posting on smaller social media sites as well as affiliate sites. All of this cross-linking will boost SEO. Along with this, the title and opening paragraph will make this article organically list highly in google for various searches such as ‘how to lose weight for summer’ or ‘get a bikini body quickly.’ On top of this, back-linking to previous articles posted on the Train Station will drive the organic listings of those articles and of this article up, so where applicable, reference previous content.
  3. Specialise: This content is already pretty specific. It targets the core group of people who are looking to slim down/shape up for summer. This is fortunately a very large and yet very specific audience. To further target a specific audience, include graphics of the target audience, in this case adults ranging from 20-50 at the beach or on holiday.
  4. Engage: At the end of the post, include a call to action to engage users to join the site. Something as simple as ‘sign up now to receive a free eBook on how to create a total fitness plan’ – a link that achieves the overarching goal of the content.

It is both difficult and easy to use SEO to generate more traffic to our site. Nothing beats well-produced content, however as explained above there are small tips and tricks that will add up over time to drive more traffic to our site and will convince more people to use our product. SEO needs to be worked on constantly. Fortunately, as we post more content and as our company grows, our listings will improve naturally which will in turn drive more traffic to our site.



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