SEO and the future of marketing

Throughout university I had always had a vague awareness of what SEO is. The afterthought of ‘I’ll find out about this later’ whenever my lecturers and professors mentioned the topic. However, ever since I’ve started doing some work with The Train Station Group, I’ve been spending a fair amount of my time researching just how powerful SEO can really be.

SEO is about formatting content on your website so that when people search for certain things using search engines like google or yahoo, your website will be a relevant listing. Social Media is king for creating a brand and raising brand awareness, however no one goes to facebook and searches ‘cheap flights to Fiji.’ No one goes on Instagram and searches ‘Samsung smart TV 70inch.’ Google is still god when it comes to click-to-sale purchasing.

The more specific the search, the more likely the sale, for example look at the two searches ‘basketball shoes’ and ‘lebron XII’s red and white cheap size 13.’ This much is obvious. Fortunately for sellers, searches like the latter account for 70% of all searches done on google. This phenomenon, of largely unique searches making up the majority of searches is called the long tail effect.



The internet is catered to niceh sellers catering to niche interests. This is where SEO comes in. The more keywords your site will trigger to niche searches, the more likely your site will gain popularity and authority which will lead to more sales. Search Engine Optimisation is about tweaking content on your site, so your site is listed organically for niche searches that will lead to purchases. The better your SEO, the higher your listing, the more likely a consumer will click on your website.

There is a whole lot more to it then that, the best beginners guide I’ve seen on the topic is found here: Moz – Beginners guide to SEO. In the next post, I’ll explore how I plan to use SEO at the Train Station.



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