Na Na why don’t you get a job

I’ve decided to get a job. That’s right, old smiling Joel is traversing his way into the world of the gainfully employed. Not that I’m unemployed now, just underemployed. In the quick moment of making that simple decision a lot has shifted. I’ve clarity and purpose. I’m well aware that sounds pretty wanky, yet here we are.

I want a job in the digital media field. Controlling digital content, the online presence and brand of a company. It’s still a relatively new frontier that is rapidly developing and changing at an ever increasing rate, especially since we are becoming almost permanently connected to the internet. For better or for worse, we are all plugged into the matrix. Most of us sleep next to, or near our phones. Most of us are on our laptops or computers less than an hour before bed. Most of us on our phones minutes before bed. The opportunity to reach a nation of people and change their lives for the better has never been greater, the opportunity for embarrassment and self-ruin has never been greater. The likelihood of being lost out at sea and forever forgotten has also never been greater.

It takes a steady hand to guide through these waters on the precipice of perpetual opportunity and ruin and not find yourself lost. And that is where I come in. If you’re an employer reading this, there’s no steadier hands than mine. I’ve the hands of a concert pianist well learned in the art of neurosurgery. The hands of a wide receiver, a wicket keeper and handball player rolled into one. The hands of sculptor, painter and microcircuit worker.

There are companies that do digital media well. Then there’s companies that have no idea. Unfortunately I see so many companies that fall in the latter category and it makes me sad. It makes me sad that they think an intern who gets coffees and donuts can also run their social media and manage their online presence. It makes me sad that companies think that their online presence doesn’t need to consist of anything more than an occasional tweet or Facebook post.

Again this is where I come in. I have so many ideas. So, so many ideas. Most of them are unique, I believe, mostly because I haven’t seen them yet. I don’t want them stolen so I shan’t divulge just yet. Maybe later though. Maybe in an interview.


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