The Power of Social Media

One of my favourite presentations that I made at university explores the almost unfathomable power of Social Media. The way it can influence the world, the way it already has influenced the world in amazing, awe inspiring ways.

If the prezi does not load, it can be viewed remotely here



Creating My First Digital Media Campaign

My sister and her boyfriend are in the process of birthing a great business model. It has been christened the Train Station ™, a great name considering one of the founders’ last names is train. It aims to connect people inspired to become healthy and strong with personal trainers/coaches (PTs) dedicated to inspiring such-minded individuals. Think of it as an eBay for PTs. Potential trainees shop around for trainers based on specialty, location, price and performance reviews.

With such ventures, exposure and clientele base are paramount to success. That is to say, the more people that are using The Train Station ™, the more successful it will be for the founders and clients. There are many ways to generate a user base; cold calling, sending out emails, running ads, posting in forums and specialty groups. The more of these avenues that are used in conjunction with each other, the better. The more overall exposure, the better. The overarching goal is to create awareness of the site, and attract its first customers.

Just after the business starts, and the first clients are being connected to the first PTs promotions such as free PT sessions for inviting friends for clients, and double paid sessions for PTs who recruit clients or other PTs to the site can be run to increase the traffic and consumer base to the site. The only goal here is to increase the user base and generate exposure.

In conjunction with the above promotion, brand promotion and brand styling can be made. A lot of businesses focus on function instead of aspiration. Function meaning what the business actually does. Aspiration meaning what the client could become, what the client aspires to, through using this product. The best thing about aspiration is it doesn’t have to relate in any way shape or form to the product. Picture someone drinking a coke. In my mind I picture an attractive fun person. We all aspire to be attractive, fun people, so if I drink coke I am attractive and fun. It’s complete nonsense, but that is the way our brains work, through connection and association.

Another example focusing on the Train Station™. If we were to focus on function, we would promote ourselves as a place to connect to PTs and find new and different ways to work out. If we focus on aspiration, we would brand ourselves as a way of becoming fit and healthy, of effecting positive change in our lives and the lives of others. We could associate our brand with taking control of our bodies, of our mind. With getting the body we want, the lifestyle and health we want. With achievement. Winners use Train Station, are you a winner? We would do this through the use of videos of clients. Through hashtags and creating a slogan and propagating the slogan throughout the internet so people become aware of it and comfortable with it.

This whole process would take, in all likelihood, around a year from here to fulfill. It’s a daunting amount of work with unknown setbacks and obstacles, but with dedication.teamwork.friendship we will be able to achieve all our goals and build a successful small business. In this blog, I will outline each step in detail, and explain how we implemented our plan and how we overcame the obstacles we come up against. Stay tuned for more. Also, if you haven’t already, check out the Train Station™.

Na Na why don’t you get a job

I’ve decided to get a job. That’s right, old smiling Joel is traversing his way into the world of the gainfully employed. Not that I’m unemployed now, just underemployed. In the quick moment of making that simple decision a lot has shifted. I’ve clarity and purpose. I’m well aware that sounds pretty wanky, yet here we are.

I want a job in the digital media field. Controlling digital content, the online presence and brand of a company. It’s still a relatively new frontier that is rapidly developing and changing at an ever increasing rate, especially since we are becoming almost permanently connected to the internet. For better or for worse, we are all plugged into the matrix. Most of us sleep next to, or near our phones. Most of us are on our laptops or computers less than an hour before bed. Most of us on our phones minutes before bed. The opportunity to reach a nation of people and change their lives for the better has never been greater, the opportunity for embarrassment and self-ruin has never been greater. The likelihood of being lost out at sea and forever forgotten has also never been greater.

It takes a steady hand to guide through these waters on the precipice of perpetual opportunity and ruin and not find yourself lost. And that is where I come in. If you’re an employer reading this, there’s no steadier hands than mine. I’ve the hands of a concert pianist well learned in the art of neurosurgery. The hands of a wide receiver, a wicket keeper and handball player rolled into one. The hands of sculptor, painter and microcircuit worker.

There are companies that do digital media well. Then there’s companies that have no idea. Unfortunately I see so many companies that fall in the latter category and it makes me sad. It makes me sad that they think an intern who gets coffees and donuts can also run their social media and manage their online presence. It makes me sad that companies think that their online presence doesn’t need to consist of anything more than an occasional tweet or Facebook post.

Again this is where I come in. I have so many ideas. So, so many ideas. Most of them are unique, I believe, mostly because I haven’t seen them yet. I don’t want them stolen so I shan’t divulge just yet. Maybe later though. Maybe in an interview.