Public and Private Spaces

Public and private spaces are difficult to define. Especially with the onslaught of technology the boundaries of public and private spaces are constantly shifting. With the creation of virtual space, occupied by an online identities on social media, defining what is public and what is private can become exceedingly difficult.  Burkell et al. (2014) describe how Facebook is a platform with a chosen audience of friends and family and a chosen amount of personal information available and is thus largely private in nature. However, Facebook postings are admissible in a court of law. Along with this, they argue that most people post with the world as their intended audience providing more evidence that Facebook is actually a public space.

With social media being considering a space more public than private, our ever increasing use of technology blurs the boundaries between public and private space. When we are able to tweet our every action, update our whereabouts on Facebook, instagram the foods we are eating, we become minor celebrities in our own world and a cost of being a celebrity is having a lack of private space. I see so many people living life on their phones doing this; showing the world what an awesome life they’re living. It’s becoming tragic. One person will check their phone and then like dominoes the rest of the group will inevitably pull their phone out for a quick fix. It’s become the yawn of our generation.

The world. Today

There is the argument that it is good, the dissolution of the private space allows you to stay connected with your friends and family, allows you to know what people are doing and what people are up to, provides you with information concerning the people you care about. But I don’t think it is good, most people, myself included, would be better off without it. It will be interesting to see whether the public and private space will completely integrate into a massive grey area where everyone will have to constantly put on their ‘game face’ and act as if they are being recorded or whether or not we’ll see a surge of people reclaiming their private space, disconnecting from the matrix and living a less technologically dependent lifestyle.

This is a fascinating area of study, continuing on from last post, discussing the changing dynamic of how people interact through space and time.